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Don’t get me wrong being a geek is one of the most fascinating things ever. The vast amount of knowledge I get each day is fantastic, but geeks aren’t the kind of people many run to for an exciting night out.

We are writers. If we had it our way everyone would be living in a pod, connected to feeding tubes, and perpetually dreaming of pie. We don’t have our way so we choose to mock, tease, tempt, and tantalize the robotic masses hoping that something we write might get commented on by a troll. We like trolls. Not as much as robots but we like trolls, nevertheless.

We like to think that we are both informative and entertaining. Sometimes the information is entertaining, and sometimes the entertainment is informative.

We focus on topics that are interesting and thought provoking. Sometimes, we just focus on the things that annoy us.

Although we believe that being robots would make life easier for us, we are not robots yet so we have to use our organic brains somehow. Sometimes it is for good, and sometimes it is for evil. That’s what makes us so impartial and independent.

By now you have figured out that you are much smarter than we are so, feel free to submit your own news ideas. We can use all the help we can get.

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